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Meet Houston's wedding non-denominational officiants, wedding pastors, and marriage counselors.

About Vision Marriage Officiants

Welcome to Vision Marriage Officiants! Let us help you save time and lead you to the right path to creating your dream wedding ceremony. Here, you will find professional wedding officiants that will help you prepare vows that reflect your love.

As an experienced wedding officiants, we believe that we have a keen understanding of the elements of a successful relationship and marriage, the intuition to perceive what is important to you as a couple, the writing skills to express those concepts into your wedding ceremony and the public speaking skills to make your wedding day memorable for all.

You've been waiting a long time for your big day, and you deserve to make that big day more special and more about you!

We are experienced Wedding Officiants who understand the need to offer something different and special.

More and more couples are looking for Non-Denominational Ministers outside of a church wedding for numerous reasons.

And we personalize your ceremony with your own thoughts and beliefs about love and marriage to make it all about you!

Your Wedding Day is destined to be one of the most memorable days of your life. And the Wedding Ceremony is the heart of your wedding, a glorious way that expresses your commitment to and for each other. And to begin the celebration of your life together!

No matter what kind of wedding ceremony you want, our goal at Vision Marriage Officiants is to help you tell your story just the way you want to on your special day


What are your fees for a Wedding Ceremony?
Our typical fee for a wedding ceremony service is $395 to $495, depending on complexity and location. That charge includes a ceremony customization, consultations, drafts and delivery of the Ceremony. And a Keepsake Copy of your Ceremony. I require a deposit of $75.

Why should Vision Marriage be my Wedding Officiants/Celebrants?
We are trained and experienced professional who are registered with the State of Texas and are legally qualified to marry you. We will also skillfully create and deliver a Wedding Ceremony that reflects you and your marriage vision. Many couples that come to us have no formal ties to a religious institution or have come from different faiths and want to draw upon their faiths in traditional or symbolic ways. Others are just not interested in having a simple civil ceremony… much more is desired.

Our couples are also looking for a professionals who can look and speak well and be a credit to their wedding and guests. We are also very organized, punctual and easy to work with.

Does Vision Marriage also provide Wedding Planner services?
No, we are not wedding planners or coordinators. However, we will work with many qualified professionals in the field. We are nonetheless happy to assist, wherever possible, in providing guidance and answering questions about venues or other details of your wedding. (See also elopements below.)

Can (our, my) children be included in our Wedding Ceremony?
Yes! We have many suggestions and ideas for ways in which children can participate. We can discuss this important option at our meeting.

Do you work with couples who are eloping?
Yes! Texas is a fabulous location for destination weddings. Many couples from other states, and countries, choose Texas locations and wish to marry without a lot of fanfare. we would be delighted to help with the planning and Ceremony.

Does Vision Marriage officiate other types of Ceremonies?
We do! We would be delighted to speak with you about a meaningful vow renewal or commitment Ceremony.

How do we get a Texas wedding license?
You can get a license from any and each of the counties in Texas that is most convenient for you. Visit our Marriage License page for more information, and way you can save on the marriage license fees.


The Express Elopement Wedding Ceremony

The Express Elopement Wedding Ceremony is specifically designed for those last minute / small weddings. This is a basic christian or civil wedding ceremony. It is extremely simple, quick & painless and takes less than 10 minutes. We use standard vows for this ceremony.

Standard Wedding Package at your Location

This is the most commonly requested service. It includes the creation of the ceremony, finalizing the order of service with cue-to-cue directions, , officiating at the ceremony, and doing the follow-up paperwork. We will personally file your Marriage License with the County Clerk .

Wedding & Rehearsal Package at your location

Sometimes there are strong reasons why the wedding officiant's presence might be required on a day preceding the actual ceremony for the wedding rehearsal . If the wedding itself is highly choreographed with lots of players -- it may be advisable to have a thorough rehearsal to raise everyone's comfort level.

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