Wedding Ceremony Options

When you first joined hands and hearts, you did not know where love would lead you. You promised to love, honor and cherish one another through all things

Options For Your Wedding Day

Are you a couple who prefer a traditional wedding ceremony? A modern ceremony that reflects your relationship? Do you want a spiritually based wedding ceremony that is not overly religious, but reflects your spiritual values? Vision Marriage Officiants will be happy to assist you with the creation of a wedding ceremony that is meaningful and special to you.

An important first step in the Ceremony Process is to arrange a complimentary meeting with your wedding officiant. Typically, this meeting lasts about an hour and is held at a convenient location around Houston. It’s at this meeting that we discuss your vision of your wedding day and your wedding ceremony, this is where we also get to know each other better.

The planning process can vary for a Houston wedding depending upon where you live and how soon you are getting married. However, generally speaking here is the typical flow of how Vision Marriage Officiants plans the ceremony:

First: Initial emails and telephone calls to begin our relationship. We will learn the information needed to personalize your ceremony such as how you met, why you are getting married, your passions, and background information that will enable us to personalize your ceremony and make it unique.

Second: We will provide you with access to our Online Ceremony Planner where you can easily create a ceremony that reflects the style and wording you desire for your wedding.

Third: We will provide you with guidance leading up to your wedding day for all things related to your ceremony including:

  • Obtaining your marriage license
  • The length of the ceremony
  • Your vision for the theme and feel of the ceremony

Finally: We will stay in touch leading up to your wedding as he writes your ceremony and prepares for your big day. Some couples ask to see a copy of the ceremony before the wedding. Others prefer not to see the finished ceremony so that the bride and groom can be totally “in the moment” during their ceremony. It’s up to you… it’s your wedding!

No matter what kind of wedding ceremony you want, our goal at Vision Marriage Officiants is to help you tell your story just the way you want to on your special day


The Express Elopement Wedding Ceremony

The Express Elopement Wedding Ceremony is specifically designed for those last minute / small weddings. This is a basic christian or civil wedding ceremony. It is extremely simple, quick & painless and takes less than 10 minutes. We use standard vows for this ceremony.

Standard Wedding Package at your Location

This is the most commonly requested service. It includes the creation of the ceremony, finalizing the order of service with cue-to-cue directions, , officiating at the ceremony, and doing the follow-up paperwork. We will personally file your Marriage License with the County Clerk .

Wedding & Rehearsal Package at your location

Sometimes there are strong reasons why the wedding officiant's presence might be required on a day preceding the actual ceremony for the wedding rehearsal . If the wedding itself is highly choreographed with lots of players -- it may be advisable to have a thorough rehearsal to raise everyone's comfort level.

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